Monday, January 5, 2015

Give Your Heart a Break by Helen Peterson

categories: Title: Give Your Heart a Break
Author: Helen Peterson
Publisher: Marching Ink
Publication date: December 21, 2014
Pages: 242
Buy: Amazon
Rating: 4/5 stars

When Rachel Thomas meets Mason Conner, it seems she has found a man who is everything she’s ever wanted. After years of the single girl life in New York City, she’s due for some luck in the romance department. But with her less than stellar track record, Rachel can’t seem to let go of her past failures to fall too hard.
That is until Mason’s ex-fiancĂ© reappears, determined to steal him back. With more than winning Mr. Perfect’s heart on the line, is Rachel finally ready to give her heart a break?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR  is a native of Toronto Canada  who went to college to pursue Marketing .  She currently works at a bank as an administrative assistant but her love of writing and telling stories that others can relate to has helped her complete her first manuscript Give Your Heart a Break.  Helen has always loved telling a story especially through song, Staring in all her high school musical theatre productions Like Oliver! And Anything Goes.   Helen currently resides in Markham Ontario.

Thank you Samantha of CLP Blog Tours for letting me review this!

OK, this book is just full of fluffiness. I have not read anything that's so focused on the cheesy bits of romance until I read Give Your Heart a Break. Basically, our narrator Rachel thinks she doesn't have luck in the romance department, since she has experienced many breakups already. Her besties Kat and Monica want her to get out and get a man, since both have them have lovely relationships already. Rachel's already frustrated because she's 27 and single, and she's still afraid of going into a new relationship and giving her heart a break.

Until she meets Mason, who embodies every quality a girl would look for in a man. Cue swooning.

From there, it's just a fluffy fest of Mason x Rachel goodness, until his psycho ex-fiance returns to New York and makes Rachel's life a living hell.

But I'm not going to tell you more. Read it yourself so we can both bathe in the fluffiness.

I LOVED the cutesy feel of this book. It made me squeal, laugh, and cheer on for these two lovebirds to get together. I also liked how it did not only focus on her relationship with Mason, but also with her relationship with her best friends. Definitely says a lot about not putting your man before your BFFs. When I met Rachel, she was this conservative and scared girl; but in the end, she blossomed into a confident woman who knew what she wanted. For me, her growth was one of the best parts of the novel.

So why 4 stars? While it is a romance novel, I expected more depth to it. The situations sometimes felt unrealistic and too convenient for the characters. I don't think couples can make up immediately after a fight that's as complicated as the one they had. I also felt like there were too many date scenes, maybe to delve more into their relationship, but I think there could be a way to have lesser date scenes and still see that their relationship has grown significantly. The ending felt rushed, too. I wasn't at the "edge of my seat" for most of it because there wasn't much conflict.

But all in all, I really enjoyed this book. If you're like me and you're a sucker for this kind of book, then get yourself a copy of Give Your Heart a Break now. It's something you can snuggle with on a cozy day.


  1. One of my pet peeves would have to be unrealistic romantic relationships, part of the reason why I tend to shy away from romance novels. Great review though, very honest (:

    1. Same here!
      Thanks for reading, Shanny. :)

  2. I LOVEEEE ROMANCE AND FLUFF!!! Great review and I'll be sure to check this out soon! :)

    -Kimi at Geeky Chiquitas

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